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Charm Girls Club My Pajama Party for Wii - EA Games
Charm Girls Club Pajama Party for Wii is packed with over 30 mini-games that will get girls up dancing, cooking, moving, and playing together in ways that will

What's New at Gaylan's Golden Retrievers, home of ...
Learn about the most recent activities of our talented golden retrievers who excel in hunting, obedience, search and rescue, agility, pet-assisted therapy, and ...

Australian Shepherd
Welcome to Manacoo Australian Shepherds established in 1988. We are The Manaton's proud owners of the Aussies featured on this site. We are glad to be able to share ...

Novice Trick Dog (NTD) Title Holders List
"Both in freestyle and in her nursing home visits my Doberman loves to show off her tricks. As a result of the Trick Dog titling program we were invited to do a demo ...

Novice - Do More With Your Dog
Novice Trick Dog (NTD) title holders. Print; Email; Afghan Hound. Dolores McDermott and RJ (), NTD 9/15 Debra Cole and Lucy (Cole’s I Love Lucy), NTD 5/15


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