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48 pages

Bad Dog #6

Creator: Joe Kelly | Comics & Graphic Novels - 2014-01-22

"WHAT HAPPENS STAYS," CONCLUSION Like all good trips to Vegas, this saga ends in tears and spilled milk.

Publisher: Image Comics

About this book
"WHAT HAPPENS STAYS," CONCLUSION Like all good trips to Vegas, this saga ends in tears and spilled milk. Spend your New Year in a pit of misery and mayhem with Lou and Wendell as they face down the Dairy Queen, her Well-Horned Lord, and Baker the raging jackhole.

64 pages

Destined to be

Creator: Agwu Nwogo | Social Science - 1985

Before her marriage, Chioma was, a member of the Christian Girls Club (CGC) of her church. In the club, young ... In addition to being exceptionally beautiful, she had very charming manners, and was known to be highly intelligent. She was ...

Godey's Magazine

Creator: Louis Antoine Godey, Sarah Josepha Buell Hale | 1874

We heartily recommend the book to all schools for girls and public libraries. ... By H. H. Within a year there have appeared two charming little volumes, "Bits of Talk " and " Bits of Travel," by the authoress of ... From the French by C. G. C. Tills Is a brilliant, lively, amusing French Story, with a pathetic ending. ... Let them look at the number and variety of the Chromos that are given to the getters-up of clubs.

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