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International gymnast

Sports & Recreation - 1977

State Reports: 68.65), Ian Nichols (CFY-67.13) and loy Frazier (CGC-61.51). And among the 1518 advanced: Shira ... Three private gymnastics clubs in the Dallas Metroplex area recently formed a team of 36 girls (12 from each team) ...

64 pages

Destined to be

Creator: Agwu Nwogo | Social Science - 1985

Before her marriage, Chioma was, a member of the Christian Girls Club (CGC) of her church. In the club, young girls were taught, among other things, ... In addition to being exceptionally beautiful, she had very charming manners, ...

The Santa Fe magazine

Creator: Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company | Transportation - 1926

The CGC Club is, for the most part, composed of Santa Fe office girls and they refuse to divulge anything except, ... As per usual our jolly Irish friend, General Foreman Jim Kiely, led the grand march with charming Miss Norma Harris as ...

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Superman (1939 1st Series) comic books -
Cover art by Joe Shuster. Features a two page origin (new material) of Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, plus four pages previously omitted from the Action ...

What's New at Gaylan's Golden Retrievers, home of ...
Learn about the most recent activities of our talented golden retrievers who excel in hunting, obedience, search and rescue, agility, pet-assisted therapy, and ...

World's Finest (1941) comic books
Cover art by Fred Ray. The Unknown X, script by Jerry Siegel (signed), pencils by Paul Cassidy [as Joe Shuster]; Superman must find out the identity of the mysterious ...


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